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Total Beef Exports in October Maintain a Strong Pace



Although they showed a 10% drop in volume in relation to September, total beef exports (in natura and processed) in October were the third best result in history and grew 12% in relation to the same month of 2017, demonstrating that the foreign market (China) remains very receptive to the Brazilian product. In volume, they reached 161,517 tons, against 143,916 tons in 2017, losing only to the movement obtained in August and September last. In revenue, October’s result was $619.5 million, compared to $599.5 million in the same month last year, up 3%. The information is provided by the Brazilian Association of Refrigerators (ABRAFRIGO), which compiled the data provided by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC), through SECEX / DECEX.

This result is in line with ABRAFRIGO‘s forecast of a 10% growth for exports this year. In the accumulated until October, the movement reached 1,328,035 tons, a growth of 10% in relation to the same period last year when they reached 1,208,668 tons. In revenues, the total obtained in 2018 reached US $5.34 billion against US $4.92 billion in 2017, a growth of 8%. It is worth remembering that from November onward the resumption of sales to the Russian market, which has been closed since December 2017, and that last year had already acquired 131 thousand tons of Brazilian product, which represented more than 10 percent of exports Brazilians at the time.

China continues to be the largest market for Brazilian beef with purchases up to October 585,263 tons through the city of Hong Kong and the mainland. In 2017, up to last month, it was 448,721 tons, which raised China’s share of exports from 37.1 to 44.1 percent. In second place came Egypt, with imports of 147,894 tonnes (+ 19.5 percent) and third with Chile, with 92,402 tonnes (+ 92 percent). Among the 20 main destinations of the Brazilian product, Uruguay still stood out in growth, in 2018, with a 276 percent increase in acquisitions; Philippines (+ 111 percent); Jordan (+ 44 percent); Algeria (+ 38.9 percent); Lebanon (+ 32.7 percent) and the United Arab Emirates (+ 24.9 percent).