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Marijuana Medical Use May Be Regulated by Brazilian Senate

The bill decriminalizing the cultivation of the cannabis will be reviewed on next Wednesday, Nov. 21st by the Senate Social Affairs Commission



The Social Affairs Commission (CAS) is due to analyzing on next Wednesday, substitute Senator Marta Suplicy for the bill decriminalizing the cultivation of marijuana for personal therapeutic use (PLS 514/2017).

The project was presented by the Commission on Human Rights and Participative Legislation (CDH) and is based on the Legislative Idea proposed in the e-Citizenship portal (SUG 25/2017). In CAS, Marta Suplicy, chair of the committee, reported favorably on the proposal as a substitute allowing the Union to release the import of plants and seeds, planting, growing and harvesting “cannabis sativa” exclusively for medicinal or scientific purposes, at a place and predetermined period by means of inspection.

The senator’s substitute also modifies the Drug Law (Law 11.343, of 2006) and begins to release sowing, cultivating and harvesting cannabis, for personal therapeutic use, by patient associations or relatives of patients who use it medicinal product of the substance, created specifically for this purpose, in an amount no more than sufficient to the treatment according to the medical prescription.


In the report, Marta argues that the issue cannot be relegated to an ideological or political discussion. Most of all, we need to empathize and put ourselves in the place of the other. This is how we defend the true essence of health care, which is to mitigate human suffering, he says.

In the text, the senator cites scientific research related to the benefits of cannabis in the treatment of many diseases, such as autism, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, and neuropathies. And it reinforces that the treatments reduce the suffering not only of the patients but also of the relatives.

There is no plausible justification for leaving the Brazilian population out of scientific advances in this area, adds Marta Suplicy, reiterating that the identification of endogenous cannabinoids has revolutionized research on cannabis and its effects on the body.

According to the senator’s report, the information obtained from these studies supported the idea that the cannabinoid system is susceptible to pharmacological manipulation, as well as other human physiological systems. This has led to the discovery of therapeutically useful cannabinoid molecules, the medicinal importance of cannabis has been repeatedly demonstrated by science.”