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Turra Is Among the 100 Most Influential Leaders of Agribusiness in the Country

Brazilian Rural Money magazine (Rural Dinheiro) elected the personalities recognized for their work to make the field a business opportunity



Francisco Turra, CEO of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) was named in the list of “100 Most Influential Personalities in Agribusiness”, published this month in the journal Rural Money.

Turra was highlighted as an important advocate of chicken and pork from Brazil. It also describes its key role during the episode of Operation Weak meat to prevent the closure of markets and reopen those who had suspended negotiations with Brazil.

One of the largest international actions carried out by the ABPA this year, during Sial Paris, was also quoted by the magazine as a recovery strategy image of Brazilian products in the international market.

Besides the President of ABPA, there indicated the areas of agriculture, animal protein, bioenergy, cooperatives, institutions, university and research, innovation and technology, inputs, finance, logistics, government, sustainable initiative, and consultants.

The indication of the personalities is done by consultants, journalists, and industry leaders. “It’s a huge honor to be remembered for composing this list. The work to develop agribusiness is constant and we are always getting good results, it’s important, “said Turra.