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Car Wash Denounces Lula da Silva For Money Laundering in Equatorial Guinea Business



Former president allegedly received $ 1 million disguised as a donation for intermediary business deals in the African country, says MPF; The Lula Instituto says donations are legal; the defense says that denunciation ‘is another against to the rule of law’.

Former President Lula da Silva was denounced to the Federal Court in Sao Paulo on Monday (26) for alleged money laundering. The case involves the Equatorial Guinea dictator, Teodoro Obiang.

The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) in Sao Paulo argues that the Lula da Silva, “enjoying its international prestige”, influenced the decisions of the Equatorial Guinean dictator in favor of the Brazilian ARG group in that country.

“In return, the president received $ 1 million concealed in the form of a donation from the company to the Lula Institute,” say prosecutors.

Without any connection, the businessman who benefited from the intervention of Lula da Silva, Adolfo Geo, and his wife were victims of an accident with an aircraft of his own.

Adolfo Geo was one of the partners of the Brazilian ARG group, investigated by the Car Wash Task Force in Sao Paulo, in a complaint involving former president Lula da Silva, for the money laundering crime.

The complaint points out that the former president allegedly received a bribe from group controller Rodolfo Geo, the son of the fatal victims of the Jequitaí plane crash, to broach discussions between the ARG and the government of Equatorial Guinea. According to the Car Wash Task Force, Adolfo Geo, dead in the accident, wasn’t yet investigated in the action.