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Pork Exports Grow 8.1 Percent in October



Surveys of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) show that Brazilian pork exports (considering all products, including fresh and processed) reached 63,000 tons in October, a volume that surpasses 8.1 percent of the 58,300 tons exported in the same period last year.

In revenue, the tenth month of the year sales reached US $ 108.1 million, 20.1 percent lower number than the $ 135.4 million achieved in October 2017.

Accumulated exports in 2018 (January-October) amounts to 530,500 tons, 10% less than the 589,100 tons shipped in the first 10 months of last year.

The balance struck in the year reaches US $ 1 billion, number 27.7 percent less than the result achieved between January and October 2017, US $ 1.383 billion.

Hong Kong remains the dominant export destination for pork. With 137 000 tonnes imported from January to October (26.3 percent of the total) increased their purchases by 8 percent in the period.

Prominent among the markets with the highest growth in imports, China was the target 131,100 tons in 2018, equivalent to 25.1 percent of the total. Sales to the Chinese market grew 243 percent compared to the volume between January and October 2017.

Among the African countries, Angola was the main highlight. Imported 33.4 thousand tons (6.4% of total), volume 33 percent higher than in the first 10 months of 2017. In South America, Argentina, 30.9 thousand tons target (5.9 percent of total), imports increased by 17 percent under the same comparison period.

“In addition to good performance in Asian markets, Africa and South America, the next numbers of pork exports will be influenced also by the reopening of the Russian market, which took place on the first day of November. Although traditional customers of the productive sector, Russian importers should return with demand levels similar to that of a new export destination, “said Francisco Turra, president of ABPA.