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Senate Approves Cultivation Cannabis Sativa, Plant from Marijuana, for Medicinal Use



The Senate’s Social Affairs Committee (CAS) approved on Wednesday morning the project to free the cultivation and use of Cannabis Sativa, the plant that gives birth to marijuana, for medical purposes. The text was supported by most of the senators present at the session but received a dissenting vote separately from Senator Eduardo Amorim.

The proposal now goes to the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) and then to the Senate floor before going to the Chamber of Deputies. There is no date for the next ballots.

The text approved was that of the rapporteur, Senator Marta Suplicy, who authorized “the Union to release the import of plants and seeds, planting, cultivating and harvesting Cannabis exclusively for medicinal or scientific purposes, in place and time, by means of inspection. ” The cultivation must be done in sufficient quantity for the treatment, following a medical prescription. During the session, mothers took children with syndromes that can be treated with Cannabis-based medications to ask for the release.

In the separate vote, Amorim, a physician, questioned the state’s ability to control and control marijuana cultivation and ways to determine the amount needed for the patient. “For the planting of medical cannabis, if the person does not have a prescription, he is practicing an illegal act and will be punished,” said Marta Suplicy, who leaves the mandate next year, after not having disputed the elections.

The senator considered that currently, the imported plant-based medicines are already ready, without the possibility of modifying the dosage and, for some diseases, this is an important factor to release the crop.