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Supreme Court’s Dias Toffoli Wants Pact on Pension, Tax and Fiscal Reforms

The president of the Supreme Court — STF — proposal is that topics are an absolute priority in the three Powers

Judge Dias Toffoli - Supreme Court


The president of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the National Justice Council (CNJ), Dias Toffoli, proposed today (28) the celebration of a pact between the legislative, executive and judicial branches that have as an absolute priority, deliberate on the reforms of Welfare, tax and fiscal and also on the scenario of public security in the country.
“We have to take on our responsibilities. Stop waiting for everything from an elected representative, from a leader or from a constituted authority. We need to get organized to solve our problems. That is why I have been proposing the signing of a pact between the three Powers of the Republic, with the participation of the essential functions of Justice, civil society, adopting dialogue and coordinated action in the pursuit of common goals.

For Toffoli, Brazilian society, through organizations and leadership, is also responsible for solving their conflicts. And not just the state. Much less, exclusively, the Judiciary. We can not be stuck in that past of a slave society in which the state came before civil society. We have already formed a strong and strong civil society. We are a country with a combative society, politically engaged and aware of its rights.

Social Security

During the opening of the AGU seminar, 30 years of the Constitution, in the Attorney General’s Office, the STF president said that the country needs a pension reform to face the increase in life expectancy of Brazilians, in addition to a reform that promotes “simplicity and efficiency, in the tax system and in the tax system.

It is essential to conclude a federative pact, preventing states and municipalities from reaching an unsustainable framework of default, he added.

Public security

Still, in the middle of the meeting, Toffoli considered “pressing” national efforts to increase public safety, especially with regard to combating organized crime, the crisis in the prison system and the increase in violence. ? The country needs a safe environment for the citizen to live. Despite the challenges, we can not be discouraged. If we look at 30 years ago, when the Constitution was enacted, we will realize that Brazil has advanced, and advanced a lot.

Brazilian society, with all the difficulties and intricacies, walked and walked with great strides towards the institutionality, overcoming the idea of personality. A great nation is made up of institutions. People pass by. The institutions remain, he concluded.