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Technology That Transformed Rice Production in Brazil, Clearfield Completes 15 Years



Clearfield, Production System with innovative solutions for the control of red rice or rice-weed and other weeds, completes 15 years of use in Brazil. The technology has changed the productive scenario of rice cultivation in the country, with benefits for all links in the productive chain. The BASF Group takes advantage of the celebration to reinforce its commitment to innovation in order to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the national rice industry.

Red rice is the most damaging weed in the rice crop. However, with the launch of BASF’s Clearfield technology in 2003, this damage was significantly minimized, enabling producers to gain productivity, quality and profitability. The System has also contributed to unviable areas that have resumed activity.

“In the 10 years prior to the launch of Clearfield in Brazil, the average rice yield in Rio Grande do Sul was about five tons per hectare, and in the next ten years, that number jumped to approximately seven tons per hectare,” says Vitor Bernardes, marketing manager for rice and wheat cultivation at BASF, underscoring the importance of the system for the country’s rice cultivation.

To ensure the sustainability of rice production in Brazil, with the same efficiency and quality since the creation of the technology, BASF carries out awareness campaigns in which it recommends to producers the use of certified seeds, crop rotation and the adoption of the Monitoring Program in addition to the planned use of the Clearfield Production System.

After 15 years of success of Clearfield and its diverse benefits for the Brazilian rice industry, BASF renews its commitment to innovation and informs us that it is launching a new technology to be used in rotation with the current System. The launch forecast is two to three harvests. “Innovation is in our DNA,” says Bernardes.

Check out the video with the testimony of some of the country’s top researchers on the Clearfield Rice Production System: