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TRF-4 Keeps Penalty Against Dirceu for Corruption and Money Laundering

Court has ruled against appeals filed by the defense of the former chief of staff, Jose Dirceu, the most important member from Workers Party



The Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF4) ruled on Wednesday afternoon (28th) the appeal of an appeal filed by the defense of former Chief of Staff Jose Dirceu, maintaining his sentence in eight years, ten months and 28 days of imprisonment for the practice of crimes of passive corruption and money laundering in criminal action under the Car Wash Operation.

In addition to Dirceu, his brother Luiz Eduardo de Oliveira e Silva and former Petrobras Services director, Renato de Souza Duque, who are defendants in the same lawsuit, also had the declaration liens. Luiz Eduardo was sentenced to eight years and nine months imprisonment for passive corruption and money laundering. And Duke also had his sentence of six years and eight months of imprisonment for unchanged passive corruption.

The 8th Panel of the court unanimously gave partial relief to the appeals only to clarify some defendants’ doubts as to why their arguments were not upheld by federal judges when they tried in September condemned The decision was made in accordance with the vote of the rapporteur for actions relating to Car Wash in TRF4, federal judge Joao Pedro Gebran Neto.