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Notice to Navigators


Gabriel Mario Rodrigues – Chairman of the Board of Directors of ABMES

“The future knocks at our door, and all ideas – except those involving prejudice – will have a chance to appear and be valued.” (Paulo Coelho)

The “Notice to Navigators” is a periodic publication of the Meteorological Service of the Navy with the purpose of providing navigators and users in general information destined to the updating of Brazilian nautical charts and publications in order to comply with the International Convention for the Safeguarding of Human Life at Sea.

I’m remembering the publications because they were part of the radio programming of the “Hour of Brazil” of yesteryear, known today as “The Voice of Brasil”. They were guidelines for navigating safely and the “Warning to the Mariners” buzzword became famous. The same I can not write with what happens today with the futurologists and prospectors on duty on the education of the future. People who think they have a crystal ball at home and at work, seers, bettors, kickers and others who are playing all the chips in the professions of the future.

Ten years ago or so, there was talk of such scenarios, Flash Gordon, Jetsons [1] and Isaac Asimov with dozens of adventures, all from the wonderful head of Stan Lee, the father of comics, the creator of dozens of futuristic figures. Too bad he passed away recently.

Future job market prospectors are betting on trends for 2025. The MegaCurioso Team in 2016 already pointed to the areas that should be on the rise.

You, reader, what is your bet for the future with respect to the labor market? If you think much of the current workforce will be replaced by robots, you’re not the only one. Report published by the World Economic Forum indicates that by 2020 about 5 million jobs will be lost to automation, a trend that will continue to grow and may also affect areas beyond the industrial.

Gwen Moran of Fast Company believes that not only factory employees will be “taken over” by machines, but office and administrative staff can also be replaced.

On the other hand, experts believe that there will be an increase in demand for certain professionals. Check out what they say about the 5 areas that should be on the rise:

1 – Technology
If anyone still has doubts that people with technological skills will continue to be sought for the present, and especially for the future, let indecision aside, this is not badly resolved; indeterminate and uncertain. And that’s it.

It is the time for the individual with computational thinking – who will stand out from others because he is a professional who has the skills to process huge amounts of information, able to identify patterns and translate all of it so that the data makes sense.

That is, quite simply, the tendency as the amount of information we deal with daily will continue to increase. Thus, the person capable of managing the increasing volume of data without fear will be highly valued.

Among the careers with such a skill typology, experts predict that, by 2024, software developer should grow by 18.8%, that of system analyst 20.9%, and that of market research analyst and specialist in marketing, 18.6%.

2 – Health
No one doubts that people who are living longer than in the past will need health professionals more than ever before. Demand is expected to rise sharply, estimated at 38.1 percent by 2025, affecting how medical treatments are administered especially because of the development of telemedicine and robotic surgical equipment. The world’s population is living more and more, and although the future holds innumerable advances, new niches of labor will open up.

Supporting professionals such as secretaries and medical assistants will also be in demand, as will veterinarians – as there is a strong growth trend with respect to the “pet market.” But among the top bets are the medical technology experts, physiotherapists and ergonomic experts in the workplace.

3 – Relationship
Thankfully, it is already very clear and definite that, no matter how clever artificial intelligences are, they are far from mastering skills such as emotional and social intelligence, as well as having intercultural skills. Another fact or condition that will become quite common is virtual collaboration. The ability to cope well with individuals from different cultures will be very relevant.

Experts believe there will be demand for people who understand and can communicate through different media platforms.

Here the segment of customer service agents, sales and retail representatives and marketing specialists grows, with increases in demand for these professionals estimated between 6.4% and 18.6% by 2024.

4 – Education
With so many developments in the world, it is very likely that current learning methods will also undergo reform – and teachers and education professionals will have to adapt to change. In this sense, experts believe that society will rely increasingly on technology to access the best available sources to improve their knowledge and gain new skills.

It is a bet by the area’s consultants: people will give preference to more dynamic sources, such as video lessons that do not last more than a few minutes, for example, and that allow information to be accessed quickly and from anywhere – at home, as well as in transit or while traveling to work.

5 – Business vision
Those who have the most entrepreneurial spirit and a good business vision will also have more opportunities to get along. Obviously, with all the changes that will occur in the job market in the coming years, it is very important to be insightful and understand the economic moment and how the companies operate. Experts are betting that the professions that will grow the most in this area are those of auditing, accounting and strategic consulting.

6- Creativity
The sixth area is aligned with my way of thinking: in all the lucid countries of the universe, the greatest objective of their populations is the economic and social development of their inhabitants for the achievement of well-being and happiness. And in a more competitive environment that will inevitably exist, machines, artificial intelligence, people and humanity, in order to survive, must share collaborative and cooperative ideas and actions to overcome the challenges. And for this reason, creativity will undoubtedly be the number 1 competence of the 21st century, since only human beings have it. Sensibility, perception, compassion, emotionality, wit, imagination, innovation and ingenuity are skills that can be acquired and developed. Having different ideas only humans have and will be vital strategies to live with the complexity of the new times.

The navigators of today’s troubled seas in their predictions have a prediction that no one can forget or doubt, because there is unanimity. The School will never be the same as it is today.
[1] The Jetsons is an animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera, originally screened in Brazil between 1962 and 1963 by Excelsior TV. Later the series was reissued with new episodes produced between 1984 and 1987, as part of the program The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera, exhibited by SBT. Having as a theme the “Space Age”, the series introduced in the imagination of most people what would be the future of humanity: flying cars, suspended cities, automated work, all sorts of home appliances and entertainment, robots as servants, and everything that you can imagine for the future. The Jetsons were a family of 2062 that coexisted with a great technological advance.