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Bolsonaro Says Pension Reform Can Be ‘Sliced’

President-elect signaled that he should establish a minimum age for retirement, respecting a difference between men and women


President-elect Jair Bolsonaro said on Tuesday, Dec. 4th that the pension reform could be referred to Congress in a sliced way. He signaled that the initial focus should be on establishing minimum retirement age, respecting a time difference between men and women.

Bolsonaro wants to deepen labor reform

He anticipated that the trend is strong enough in the transition team to begin referral for retirement by the minimum age. Asked if it would be easier to approve the matter in this way, he replied that it is less difficult.

In the proposal that is there, (the minimum age of) 65 is 2030, if I’m not mistaken, we’re going to do what’s right in our four years in office. The idea is to take part in the proposal that is there and put in the four said Bolsonaro, when asked what would be the criterion for the minimum age.

Bolsonaro also said that his idea is to increase the minimum age for everyone in two years, but he could not explain exactly what reference would be used to delimit it. It is now possible to retire without a minimum age.

Today, men can retire if they have at least 35 years of contribution and women if they are at least 30 years old. It is also possible to retire with a minimum age of 65 years (male) or 60 years (female), provided that the minimum contribution time is 15 years.

In the proposal sent by Temer to Congress, it is stated that full retirement will only be possible when the man reaches the minimum age of 65 and the woman is 63 years old. However, the transition rule to reach that age will take 20 years.

Despite speculation that the proposal would have lost strength, Bolsonaro stressed that he wants to present a proposed amendment to the constitution on the subject and start reforming through public pension, with a chance of being approved.

It’s no use for you to have an ideal proposal that will be in the House or the Senate, I think the loss would be very great, so the idea is there, starting with age, attacking the privileges and touching this agenda forwards. the reality, it grows year after year and we can not let Brazil get to the situation that has come to Greece to take action, said Bolsonaro.

The president-elect spoke on Tuesday with leaders of the MDB and the PRB but did not address the issue of pension reform. During the meeting with the MDB, was questioned on the subject by the deputy Darcisio Perondi, but did not answer.

On his articulation for the next year next to the Congress, said that he will innovate and listen to leadership in the Palace of the Planalto before forwarding texts to the Legislative. Let’s discuss with their technical staff.

He also said that ministries will be open to parliamentarians and that no legal and possible request to be attended will no longer be attended to.

Amidst disagreements over political articulation, he once again said that he stays with everyone, citing the future Minister of the Civil Household, Onyx Lorenzoni, and the Secretary of Government, General Santos Cruz.