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Bolsonaro Wants to Present Proposal to Change the Voting System



Jair Bolsonaro participated by teleconference in the closing of the Conservative Summit of the Americas, in Foz do Iguaçu. During his speech, the president-elect said he intends to vote, even in the first semester, to change the electoral system.

“We intend to vote in the first half a good proposal to change the voting system in Brazil. Because I and many understand that we achieved victory because we had many, but many more votes than them. And we had a similar situation, a certain balance, “he said, speaking again about fraud at the polls.

According to the urns cleared, the retired army captain had 57,797,847 votes, compared to 47,040,906 votes from Fernando Haddad (PT).

Bolsonaro stressed that he “understands the support and concern of the Higher Electoral Court, which said that he has nothing to worry about”, but he made the following reservation: “We really have to worry about it.”

The future president still recalled the stab that led Adélio Bishop during the election campaign and said that the investigations are ongoing, but that “there is a rigging of all institutions in Brazil.”

Bolsonaro harshly criticized the PT and analyzed the current moment: “Either we change Brazil now, really, or the PT returns, with much more force than it had until the end of Dilma Rousseff’s government .”

“What is or is not the success or failure of my government, but the success or failure of Brazil,” he concluded.