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Brazil Reinforces Protection to the Brazilian Coast With New Submarine

The project was implemented with the support of the French industry; until 2029, Country intends to launch submarine with nuclear propulsion



The Brazilian Navy launches to the sea, on Friday, Dec. 14, one of its most strategic projects: the Riachuelo submarine. The vessel is the first in a series of five attack submarines that will protect the Brazilian coast and will remain for approximately two years in the test phase. During this period, leak tightness (leakage verification), buoyancy and equilibrium will be evaluated. After that, the submarine will be incorporated into the Submarine Force of the Brazilian Fleet.

Riachuelo is a result of the Submarine Development Program (Prosub), which began in 2008. At 72 meters in length, weighing 1870 tons, capacity for 35 soldiers and autonomy for 70 days at sea, the submarine was supported by the French industry, which helped in the construction of one of the sessions of the submarine. The others were manufactured by naval technicians at the Itaguaí Naval Complex (RJ). According to Navy data, the resources invested in the region will generate a return of 4.8 thousand direct jobs and 12.5 thousand indirect jobs.

In total, Prosub has a cost of R $ 35 billion, and R $ 17 billion has already been invested with resources from the Union. The expectation is to launch until 2029 the first Brazilian submarine with nuclear propulsion.

Meanwhile, the Riachuelo will integrate the naval fleet to protect the Blue Amazon, a term coined by the Navy to refer to the Brazilian coast, with 8.5 thousand kilometers in length and a vast biodiversity of species.