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Temer Participates in Montevideo at the Mercosur Summit


President Michel Temer participates today, Dec. 18th in Montevideo, Uruguay, of the 53rd edition of the Summit of Heads of State of Mercosur and Associated States. After the meeting, he goes to the lunch offered by the Uruguayan president, Tabaré Vásquez, to the presidents and foreign ministers. He returns at night to Brasilia.

Yesterday, during a ceremony at the Presidential Palace, Temer said to be impossible to apply any political or economic isolationism in the days of today. In a speech during the signing of authorization for new auctions for oil exploration, he said that he “placed Brazil in the 21st century” by opening the country to domestic and foreign private initiative.

“When I say that we put Brazil in the 21st century, it is because we open the country to private initiative, not only national but also international. In the phenomenon of globalization, any isolationism of a political, economic nature would be impossible. And that is why we have talked over time of multilateralism, the idea of universalizing our relations in all fields. And that has paid off, “Temer said in his speech.


The president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, will receive from the Uruguayan government, during the meeting, the pro tempore presidency of the Mercosur (that reunites Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela, temporarily suspended). The Mercosur Summit will go until tomorrow (19), at noon.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Aloysio Nunes Ferreira said yesterday in an interview in Montevideo that there is provision for the current and future government to support Mercosur in the ongoing negotiations.

“Mercosur is not a finished and finished work, it needs to undergo improvements in its way of functioning, in its way of relating to other economies. [Mercosur] is always changing and improving. If you take what Mercosur was two years ago, you will see how far we have progressed, “he said.