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Bolsonaro plans to repeal rules to reduce bureaucracy

The measure must be adopted in the first 100 days of government


Five days before the inauguration, the president-elect’s transition team, Jair Bolsonaro, presented an 81-page document today with guidelines for the first 100 days of the next administration. The material, titled Agenda of government and public governance, was handed over to the ministries by the extraordinary minister of transition, Onyx Lorezoni, who will take over the Presidential Secretariat.

The presentation of the document occurred during a meeting on Thursday afternoon (Dec. 27). The text establishes instructions ranging from criteria for appointments in positions to proposals that can be forwarded to the National Congress via a bill.

In a press conference, Onyx Lorenzoni announced that the new management should re-emerge a series of normative instructions and other norms that, he says, bureaucracy the life of the citizen.

We are also going to promote, in the first movements of the next government, a repeal of a series of bureaucratic instructions, which in fact infer the life of every man and woman in Brazil, said the minister.

Then, Lorenzoni added that the goal is to deliver to Brazilian society what was a commitment of President Bolsonaro, which is to simplify and facilitate and as he himself said, take the government out of the Brazilian’s neck.

Priority Actions
According to Onyx, each of the 22 portfolios should present to the president the suggestion of at least two priority actions for the first months of government. It will be up to the president himself to define the schedule of referral of these actions.

Every ministry has presented at least two actions that will be taken to President Bolsonaro this weekend when he will be here in Brasilia so that he can make the choice and schedule of these actions to Brazilian society, he said.

According to the document, the normative legal acts issued in the last 60 days will be reevaluated in the first two weeks of work. The provision is to assess the adherence of the measures to the commitments of the new management.

According to the schedule presented in the material, there are plans for ministerial meetings that will last until June 25 of next year. There are also guidelines related to the concession of daily and passages, use of Brazilian Air Force (FAB) airplanes and official vehicles, nepotism, use of the corporate card, housing assistance, among other topics.

The extraordinary minister also said that the new government intends to reduce, slowly and gradually, the granting of subsidies to various economic activities. Only in 2017, according to the Ministry of Finance, the government granted R $354.8 billion in subsidies, which are tax rebates to stimulate the economy. It did not indicate goals or sectors to be affected.

Brazil, for decades, has built a relationship with society, especially with the society it produces, based on subsidies that, when the government offers with one hand, a subsidy for a sector of economic activity, it is taking away with many hands, because those who pay are us, with taxes, so we will, with discretion, the ministries will study in depth, start, slowly and gradually, a process of subsidy reduction, he said.