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Federal Police Fulfills Orders On a Threat to Bolsonaro’s Possession


Police investigate a self-nominated terrorist group that threatened the president-elect and who claimed to have put a bomb in the city of Brazlândia

The Federal Police and the Civil Police of the Federal District are seeking search and seizure orders Monday to investigate a self-nominated terrorist group that threatened President-elect Jair Bolsonaro and who claimed to have bombed the night of Natal in the city of Brazlândia / DF — disarmed by the Military Police. There are seven search and seizure warrants in the Federal District, Goiás and Sao Paulo, the day before the inauguration of Jair Bolsonaro in Brasília.

A group called the ‘Ancestral Curse’ (Maldicao Ancestral) on its website said it was responsible for the making and placement of an explosive device in the dawn of Christmas in Brazlandia. In the investigation of the case, the Civil Police warned the Federal Police that a text of the group spoke about the possibility of an attack held by Jair Bolsonaro, on January 1st, which is why the body proceeded to investigate the case.

Investigations, under the secrecy of justice, determine the crime of criminal association, as well as other crimes that may be identified in the course of actions.

Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed on Sept. 6th, one month before the first round of presidential elections. He was hospitalized and still uses a colostomy bag — and will undergo further surgery to remove it.

On its website, the site investigated, termed terrorist, mentioned the stab and, citing presidential inauguration, said to have more explosives.

If the stab was not enough to kill Bolsonaro, maybe he will have more surprises at some other time since we are not the only ones who want his head … (January 01st, 2019) there will be here in Brasilia the presidential inauguration, and we are in Brasilia, and we have weapons and more explosives stocked … he said.

Last week, PF said that although the investigation was ongoing, there would be no change in its role in the security scheme in the possession. The PF monitors the security of the president himself.

Due to the fact that Bolsonaro suffered an attack in September, a security megasque was installed for the presidential inauguration. There will be 2.6 military police officers working and, in all, there will be 12,000 the number of security agents involved, including several agencies. 500 thousand people are expected in Brasilia and about 60 foreign delegations at the inauguration ceremony.

On Saturday, the Federal District Military Police bomb squad was fired after a security guard found a suitcase in the vicinity of the Ministry of Planning building. Military personnel from the Special Operations Battalion (Bope) came to use the device for this type of operation, but the suitcase was in clothing and no explosive material was found, according to the Public Security Secretariat.