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Brazil Will Not Be a “Safe Haven” For International Criminals, Says Moro



Sergio Moro, the Brazilian Minister of the Justice, who took office on Wednesday, January 2, stated in his inaugural address that Brazil will no longer be a safe haven for international criminals, clearly alluding to the Italian terrorist Battisti case refugee in Brazil under the ideological protection of Lula da Silva and the Workers’ Party.

In interviews before the inauguration, Moro, who raised the flag against corruption as a priority of his administration, mentioned a proposed anticrime law and a reorganization of Operation Lava Jato that he commanded during the period in which he held the magistracy in Curitiba.

The Justice Minister also defended the progress of a bill underway in Congress that freezes assets of organizations considered terrorist by the United Nations.

In addition to preventing and combating corruption, money laundering and financing terrorism and international legal cooperation, Moro is now responsible for measures to defend the legal order, political rights, and constitutional guarantees; judicial policy; drug policies, defense of national economic order and consumer rights; and issues related to nationality, immigration and foreigners, as well as decisions on union registration.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security, in accordance with the decree published on Wednesday, will administer the functions of the General Immigration Coordination and the National Immigration Council of the extinct Ministry of Labor, and the Council of Control of Financial Activities of the extinct Ministry of Finance.

Minister Sergio Moro has until February 13 to define structures and positions of trust of his ministry, where will be concentrated duties that were previously divided by the portfolios of Justice and Public Security.

The occupants of the positions in commission and the functions of trust that cease to exist in the Regimental Structure of the defunct Ministries of Justice and Public Security were automatically exonerated or dispensed.