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Are We Heading For a War On the South American Continent?

Bolsonaro says Russia's relationship with Venezuela worries and does not rule out US base in the country


Previous experiences have shown that end-term dictatorships seek, as a last political solution, to engage in an armed adventure.

It was the case of Argentina in March 1981 in The Falklands War when the country was in the midst of devastating economic stagnation and widespread civil unrest against the military junta that had ruled the country since 1976.

By opting for military action, the Argentine government hoped to mobilize the patriotic sentiments of the Argentines towards the islands, thus diverting public attention from the country’s chronic economic problems and continuing violations of human rights.

President Jair Bolsonaro told SBT Brazilian TV on Thursday that relations between Venezuela’s “dictatorship” and Russia are cause for concern and did not rule out allowing the United States to set up a military base in Brazil ” with what can happen in the world. ”

“Russia has made a maneuver in Venezuela, we know the intentions of the Maduro government or the dictatorship of Maduro, and Brazil has to worry about it. Over the past 20, 25 years, our Armed Forces have been abandoned for a political issue, because our Armed Forces are the last obstacle to socialism,” said the president.

“My approach to the United States is an economic issue, but it can be a war issue as well. We can make an agreement on this issue. We do not want to have a superpower here in South America, but we must have, in my view, the supremacy”, he added.

Asked about the possibility of installing a US military base on Brazilian soil, Bolsonaro, who is captain of the reserve, did not rule out the measure.

“The physical issue can be even symbolic, and nowadays the power of the American, Chinese, and Soviet Armed Forces reaches out to the whole independent world. Now, according to what may happen in the world, perhaps you have to discuss this issue in the future ”

It is difficult to imagine an armed conflict involving Russia and Brazil, as the two countries are part of a supranational agreement called BRICS, which also includes South Africa, China and India. But this is not a sufficient guarantee that there will be no conflict.

In an interview with the broadcaster, the president also said he has “pre-agreed” a visit to the US in March to meet with US President Donald Trump. The president also confirmed that he will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this month, and therefore surgery to reverse the colostomy he underwent after suffering a stab in September is expected to occur on the 28th or 29th.