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Bolsonaro Backs Down From US Military Base in Brazil, Says Newspaper

According to the "Folha de S.Paulo" newspaper, the president sent the information to general officers of the Armed Forces, who were against the proposal


President Jair Bolsonaro stepped down from the initial intention of possibly allowing the installation of a US military base on Brazilian territory and sent the information to general officials at the top of the Armed Forces who were against the proposal, according to Folha de S. Paulo this Tuesday, Jan. 8th.

The Newspaper reported that it had learned from generals that the message was stated by the Defense Minister, General Fernando Azevedo e Silva, after the negative repercussion among the military chiefs of the idea raised by the president.

Bolsonaro signaled last week, in an interview with SBT, the possibility of setting up a US base in Brazil. A senior military source told Reuters that the military is against that idea.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo confirmed Bolsonaro‘s opening to a possible US base in an interview with reporters in Lima on Friday after a meeting of foreign ministers of the region on the crisis that Venezuela has crossed.

In an interview with SBT, Bolsonaro said that his approach to the US is an economic issue, but it can be a war issue, and said when asked about the possibility of installing a US military base on Brazilian soil, that  the physical issue can be even symbolic. 

The signaling made by Bolsonaro was yet another demonstration of the president’s willingness to increase Brazil’s rapprochement with the United States. Bolsonaro does not hide his admiration for US President Donald Trump and the Brazilian government hopes to confirm his visit to the United States within the next few months.