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Soybean: Losses Intensify In the Midwest and Matopiba On Account of the Climate



The irregularity of the new Brazilian crop continues to cause concern for producers, where losses are already consolidated and where they may be aggravated by climatic adversities. The worst situation is still observed in Paraná, but areas of the Midwest and Matopiba are already beginning to register increasingly serious concerns.

In Matopiba, the fear of a summer period surrounds farmers. In the West of Bahia, for example, the main producing region of the state, the rains continue arriving in a poorly distributed way, with limited volumes and take the productivity of the soybean crops.

Thus, the average of the 63 sacks per hectare recorded last year will not be reached this season, as reported the director of Bahia Cotton Producers Association, Celito Breda, in an interview with Agricultural News on Monday, Jan. 7th.

West Bahia, this year, planted soybeans 15 days earlier than the previous year and these are the riskiest crops. It is in these properties that the last expressive rain happened on Dec. 8th.

Also according to Breda, if the rains come soon, the losses can be mitigated. However, taking another 10 days can draw a scenario similar to what has been observed in the state of Parana.

For the Northeast of Brazil, the forecasts show, according to Brazilian Meteorological National Institute (INMET), that the rains may be more voluminous, however, they still arrive in a poorly distributed form in the coming days. In the next 72 hours, the most significant precipitation should focus on the Tocantins, in the interior of Maranhao and Piaui.

Meanwhile, the next few days will be of limited rainfall throughout the central Brazilian region, at least until January 23. In this scenario, Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul should receive fewer volumes, with poor distribution for the next two weeks.