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Brazil Withdraws From UN Pact On Migration, Says a Source


Brazil has withdrawn from a UN pact to deal with growing migration, joining the United States and a growing number of countries in rejecting the deal, a Brazilian diplomat said along with the subject on Tuesday.

Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo said last month, before President Jair Bolsonaro and himself take office, that he intended to withdraw the country from the agreement.

Araujo said that the international pact is an inadequate instrument to deal with the issue and that countries should establish their own policies.

With a record 21.3 million refugees worldwide, the UN began working on the non-binding agreement after more than 1 million people arrive in Europe in 2015, many fleeing the war in Syria and the famine in Africa.

The agreement, which addresses issues of how to protect migrants, integrate them and send them home, has been criticized by most right-wing politicians in Europe who say it will increase immigration.

All 193 UN members, except the US, agreed to the text of the pact in July, but only 164  including Brazil  have formally ratified it.

Araujo said that Brazil will continue to accept refugees from neighboring Venezuela, but that the fundamental point is to restore democracy in that country.