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Caribbean Community Hopes To Strengthen Relations With Brazil



The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) hopes to maintain and strengthen its relations with Brazil, said Friday in a statement the secretary general of the regional organization, Irwin LaRocque, who congratulated the President Jair Bolsonaro for his election.

“Our ties have been strengthened and facilitated by the political commitments made at the highest levels. Caricom hopes to maintain the relationship and goodwill and cooperation that characterize relations with Brazil,” LaRocque said.

LaRocque said that the election of Bolsonaro as president “attests the confidence of the Brazilian electorate in his leadership.”

“The people of Brazil entrusted him with the serious task of guiding the country on its continuous path to sustained socioeconomic development,” LaRocque said, after stating that the 15-member group of Caricom “highly values the close and friendly relationship it has built over years.”

LaRocque told Bolsonaro that Caricom wishes the best for him and his government and that he expects a successful mandate that will “bring his people to new levels of development and prosperity.”