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Bolsonaro Defends Classifying Criminal Actions In the State of Ceara As Terrorism

On Twitter, the president Bolsonaro defended the hardening of criminal legislation against fire or damage to property



The president of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro defended, in a publication on Twitter, to tighten criminal legislation against acts like fire or depredation of property, classifying them as terrorism. Referring to the situation in Ceara, where criminal factions have carried out actions such as detonating explosives on bridges and transmission towers in a wave of attacks that has lasted for more than ten days, Bolsonaro also defended a bill that, according to critics, can criminalize social movements.

The criminal does not care about the party of this or that governor. Today he acts in Ceara, tomorrow in Sao Paulo, Rio Grande Sul or Goias. His actions, such as setting the fire, exploding, … public or private property should be typified as terrorism. The Law Bill 272/2016 by Senator Lasier Martins is commendable, the president wrote on Saturday morning.

The Bill 272 extends the cases and conduct established in the Anti-Terrorism Act. For representatives of social movements, the changes make the classification imprecise and may allow the criminalization of social movements and public demonstrations.

Currently, the project is ready for voting in the Senate Commission for Constitution, Justice, and Citizenship. The rapporteur is Senator Magno Malta, who has not been re-elected.