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A Citizen Could Buy Up To Four Weapons, Says Bolsonaro


President signed on Tuesday decree that flexible rules for anyone who wants to acquire firearms to keep indoors

President Jair Bolsonaro fulfilled one of his campaign promises on Tuesday (15), by signing the decree that makes buying and possessing firearms more flexible.

In his speech at the Palácio do PlanaltoBolsonaro stressed that the decree specifically deals with possession of the firearm, that is, authorization to remain inside the house or place of work of the owner.

Other things would obviously depend on a change in the [legislative] law.

Without mentioning former President Lula da Silva, who was the representative when the 2005 referendum on disarmament was held, Bolsonaro said that the government at the time sought ways in decrees and ordinances to deny them [the right to possess arms at home].

In the previous legislation, one could buy half a dozen weapons, but in practice, could not buy any, or else it was very difficult to achieve that goal. these requirements, citizen of good, with all certainty, can make use of these weapons.

In proven cases, the interested party may still request the purchase of more weapons, depending, according to Bolsonaro, on the number of properties that eventually owns.

The president also said that who will be required to file for the signing of a term in which he claims to have a safe place to store ammunition.

He [the buyer] will have to, in a statement, that we will believe in it, say that in his home he has a safe or a safe place to store his ammunition. It is more like a warning, a warning, than logically we we know of the risk that exists in the possibility of having a firearm at home that is not kept in a safe place, especially when having children. 

The decree signed today makes it clear that public agents, including inactive ones, can acquire a weapon. Enter this group, police officers, penitentiary agents, members of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency, among others.

A second group includes residents in rural areas and residents in urban areas with high levels of violence, up from 10 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the Atlas of Violence 2018.

Most Brazilian capitals are in this context.

The text also allows owners of commercial or industrial establishments to acquire firearms, as well as collectors, snipers and hunters, duly registered in the Army Command.

The president also said that the regularization of overdue records of firearms holders — another topic addressed by the decree — could overwhelm the Federal Police, which is now solely responsible for this, and that the Ministry of Justice and Public Security must make an agreement with the state police to facilitate.