Home Administration Highway Concession Will Generate 4 Thousand Jobs, Says Bolsonaro

Highway Concession Will Generate 4 Thousand Jobs, Says Bolsonaro



President Jair Bolsonaro celebrated today, Jan. 15th, the signing of the South Integration Highway concession (RIS), which links 32 cities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The road is made up of excerpts from BRs 101, 290, 386 and 448. In a post on his personal Twitter account, he stressed that the measure will generate 4,000 jobs and improve consumer services.

“There are 473 kilometers of highways in the state of Rio Grande do Sul that will receive private investments of R $ 7.8 billion, with 225 km of duplication of BR-386 [Production Highway],” said the president.

In the post, Bolsonaro said that the concession will generate “quality in the service provided to the user.” “The final price of the tariff will be R $ 4.30, which represents a 40% discount on the ceiling tariff estimated in the announcement [R $ 7.24],” he said.

The contract was signed four days ago by the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas, in Porto Alegre. The 30-year concession was contracted with the CCR Group, through the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI). CCR will install seven tolls throughout the stretch.

Among the contracted obligations, CCR must maintain seven service stations on the highway. In addition, they will be available 10 ambulances, four mobile ICUs, 13 light winches, four heavy winches, three water trucks, and seven traffic inspection vehicles, and other equipment available.

The chief minister of the Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic, Alberto Santos Cruz, who accompanied the signing of the concession, defended the model adopted in the Program of Investment Partnerships.

“[The concession model] offers the private sector the possibility of investing in public projects until now, with a full guarantee of technical quality and legal certainty so that it can be managed in the long term,” Santos Cruz said.