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BNDES To Release Data From 50 of the Largest Bank Borrowers


The National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) is set to begin this week to make the Bank’s list of the Bank’s top 50 borrowers, which include companies in sectors such as food, construction, and infrastructure, a bank source said on Wednesday, January 16.

The idea is to give greater prominence to the operations with these companies in the official website of the bank. The information is already there, only diluted. What the president (of the bank, Joaquim Levy) wants is that more emphasis be given to making information more accessible  the source said.

The list should not reveal the debtor’s balance of the company because that’s a banking secrecy that, according to the law, needs to be respected, the source added.

According to bank technicians, this process of releasing data on BNDES loans began during the management of former president Luciano Coutinho, who led the institution during the  Worker’s Party administration. Last year, after interaction with regulatory bodies, more data and information were disclosed on the bank’s website.

Since the presidential campaign, President Jair Bolsonaro said that it was necessary to open what he considers BNDES black box, in reference to the loans made by the bank during the Worker’s Party administration.