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Uncertainties About the Chinese Economy Knocked Brazilian Stock Market; Oil Price Fell

Thereza May, the British prime minister was granted a vote of confidence to stay in office after Brexit's defeat in Parliament



While the future of the Ibovespa is in line with the international stock markets, the domestic market exchange rate is in relative stability, as was the case in the fourth quarter, reaching a  0.36% increase and trading at RS 3.74. The market monitors the Social Security proposal of the government of Jair Bolsonaro, which is being positively evaluated according to research disclosed.

The Brexit deadlock is reserved for a secondary role and the Chinese scenario has again polarized the course of risky assets in the world. And oil still has the help of the United States in retreat. After a relatively warm Wednesday, including the domestic market, the fifth (17) seems to be busier.

Beijing has injected US$ 83 billion into the financial system for corporate credit, plus another set aside for today, in parallel to the announcement that the economy could grow “only” 6.3% this year. In the last quarter, GDP slowed to 6.4%.

There are still uncertainties about the need for more measures for the China’s economy, in addition to the announced, such as more credit, increased spending on infrastructure and fewer taxes.

While Asian stock markets closed lower and European stock markets continued to fall on fears of a negative impact on the world economy, even considering the difficulty of the Sino-US trade agreement, the falling Brent barrel also reflects data from the States. It floats at minus 1.30% in London, in the US$ 60.50/barrel range. The WTI, negotiated in New York, has lost more or less the same thing.

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts another 12 million barrels of production this year.

This has briefly removed OPEC’s lowest production weight of 1.2 million barrels a day since January 1, while markets await the next meeting of producing countries and the possible decision to expand the cuts. By December, production had already dropped by almost 800,000 barrels per day.

Along with oil, sugar in New York accompanies the fall, after steady behavior the day before. It fell 11 points, to 13.06 c / lt due March.