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Flavio Bolsonaro Case ‘Has Nothing’ To Do With Government, Says Vice-President Mourao



The case involving the atypical financial movements of senator-elect Flavio Bolsonaro and his former adviser Fabrício Queiroz is not a government issue that began on January 1, despite the fact that the parliamentarian is the president’s son Jair Bolsonaro, said Sunday the vice president of the Republic, reserve general Hamilton Mourao.

“It must be said that the Flavio Bolsonaro case has nothing to do with the government,” Mourao, who is taking over the Presidency of the Republic on an interim basis while Bolsonaro participates in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, told Reuters.

For Mourao, it is necessary to await the progress of the facts and investigations before drawing conclusions.

Flavio Bolsonaro is investigated in the civil court of Rio de Janeiro for suspicion of atypical movement detected by the Financial Activity Control Council (Coaf).

According to reports in ‘Jornal Nacional’,Globo TV, the Coaf identified 48 deposits of 2 thousand reais between June and July 2017 and a payment of just over 1 million reais from a bank account of the Federal Savings Bank in the account of Flavio Bolsonaro, then state deputy.

On Sunday, the newspaper O Globo also pointed out that Queiroz managed to move into its account, in addition to 1.2 million reais already disclosed, another 5.8 million reais, totaling 7 million reais in three years.

Wanted, the press office of Flavio Bolsonaro said that the senator-elect would not comment on the matter.

The vice president also took the opportunity to praise the current president of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia, who is seeking reelection for the House’s command.

Maia has already received support from various parties, including the Bolsonaro PSL, and would have the sympathy of members of the government’s economic team, including the economy minister, Paulo Guedes, who will try to issue relevant projects such as the pension reform already under discussion in government.

“Rodrigo Maia is aware of the size of the problem,” Mourao told Reuters.

The vice president also said he saw no problem in choosing a new deputy, Major Vitor Hugo, to be the leader of the House of Representatives, according to a recent announcement.

“Vitor Hugo has the capacity and competence for this mission,” he said.

When asked what the reform of the Pension Plan for the Armed Forces would look like, Mourao stated that “the military is discussing the issue with the economic team”.