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The Activity of the Retail Trade Closes 2018 With a Rise



The activity in the country’s retail trade closed 2018 with a growth of 6.8%, after a rise of 1.1% in 2017, reports Serasa Experian. Thus, the indicator of the entity shows that the movement of consumers in stores in Brazil practically returned to the pre-crisis level. The result, he explains, is only 0.5% below the level of 2014.

According to Serasa economists, low inflation, moderate credit expansion and a gradual improvement in the labor market during the second half of the year had a positive impact on retail sales last year. “The segments most closely linked to credit showed better results in 2018 than those that are more directly linked to income,” they said in a statement.

Among the sectors highlights last year, Serasa cites furniture, electronics and IT, with a 10.3% increase in sales, and vehicles, motorcycles, and parts, which increased by 7.8%. On the other hand, the other retail segments registered falls.

Sales of supermarkets, hypermarkets, food, and beverages closed 2018 with a reduction of 2.5%; of fuels and lubricants closed with a decline of 0.7%; the category of textiles, clothing, footwear, and accessories ended with a 0.9% drop; and construction material, with a decline of 4.1%.