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Bolsonaro Says He Will Seek Investments for Brazil, Especially in Agribusiness


President Jair Bolsonaro wants to take advantage of his participation in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to attract investment  especially in agribusiness.

We want to show, it is our special interest, that Brazil has taken steps for the world to restore confidence, for business to flourish between Brazil and the world, without ideological bias, that we can be a good country for investments, and in particular for agribusiness, our most expensive commodities. We want to expand this type of trade. So we are here to show that Brazil has changed,” he told reporters on video available on his Twitter account, posted after his arrival in Switzerland.

Asked by journalists, the President of the Republic did not want to anticipate the referral of the privatization program. We will not announce particularities in this regard. The agenda is with our head of the economy, Paulo Guedes, it is very detailed in this regard, and he will announce from the moment he is sure we will do good privatizations.”

Jair Bolsonaro also said that the speech he will give tomorrow (22), at the opening of the forum, will be short, objective and clear. According to him, the text will be read and corrected by several ministers so that they can give the widest possible message of the new Brazil that presents itself with our coming to power.


On his arrival, Bolsonaro also expressed concern about the worsening situation in Venezuela. On Monday, in the region of Sucre, in Miranda, a group of military who are against the government tried to render a barracks and was detained.

I am aware that Venezuela is in trouble today and we expect it to change quickly, change the government [led by President Nicolas Maduro].

Last week, Bolsonaro and several ministers met with members of the  Maduro’s opposition. During the forum, he will talk to the presidents of Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Costa Rica, again and the theme will be Venezuela.