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In Davos, Bolsonaro Says He Hopes His Administration Will Have Congressional Backing



President Jair Bolsonaro said at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday that he is confident that he will have the support of Congress for his government and that Justice and Public Security Minister Sergio Moro is the main person in the government in the fight against corruption.

In a quick question and answer session at the forum in the Swiss city, the president said that Moro will have every means to follow the money and the crime in this fight.

Bolsonaro argued that the environment must be married to the development and stressed that Brazil sets an example to the world in this area.

He also said he does not seek to make Brazil big, but expects the same for all of South America, predicting that the left will not prevail in the region.

Bolsonaro said:

“We are the country that most preserves the environment. No other country in the world has as many forests as we do. Agriculture is present in only 9% of our territory and grows thanks to its technology and the competence of the rural producer. Less than 20% of our soil is devoted to livestock. These commodities, in large part, guarantee a surplus in our trade balance and feed much of the world.

Our mission now is to advance in the compatibility between the preservation of the environment and biodiversity with the necessary economic development, remembering that they are interdependent and inseparable.

The sectors that criticize us have, in fact, much to learn from us.

We want to rule by example and the world reestablishes the trust it has always had in us.

We will reduce the tax burden, simplify the rules, and facilitate the lives of those who want to produce, undertake, invest and generate jobs.

We will work for macroeconomic stability, respecting contracts, privatizing and balancing public accounts.

Brazil is still a relatively closed economy to international trade, and changing this condition is one of the greatest commitments of this Government.

Be assured that, by the end of my term, our economic team, led by Minister Paulo Guedes, will put us in the ranking of the 50 best countries to do business.”