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Bolsonaro and Guedes Present Doria As a Possible President of Brazil in the Future


João Doria, governor of Sao Paulo, was appointed by President Jair Bolsonaro and Finance Minister Paulo Guedes as the possible president of the Republic in the future. The statement was made during a meeting with about 50 investors  most of them foreigners  during a press event organized by the Brazilian delegation during the World Economic Forum in Davos, as one participant described.

Doria was quoted four times during the event and felt very prestigious, according to the Estadao/Broadcast. He has already stated several times that he will support the current government in the process of approving the Pension reform in Congress.

The governor is also an ally in the fight against ideology that, according to him and Bolsonaro, existed in the Workers’ Party governments.

Present in Brazil, businessmen, and executives of weight, such as Vale, Embraer, and Itau Unibanco. Among the internationals were Grupo Santander‘s chief executive officer, Ana Botín, and representatives of multilateral institutions.

João Doria went to Davos to present the Sao Paulo privatization and investment plan for international investors and met with Guedes, who is staying at the same hotel.

In an interview with Estadao/Broadcast, he said that the talk was focused on pension reform. Both he and I understand that reform is of the utmost importance for the country. If we reform, it changes the country quickly and concretely and opens the floodgates for international investments. Here in Davos, there is an expectation of a set of reforms, specifically Social Security.