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Brazil Recognizes Juan Guaido As Acting President of Venezuela

In Davos, Bolsonaro reiterated the Brazilian collaboration to the newly declared government



Brazil was one of the first countries in Latin America to recognize Juan Guaido as acting president of Venezuela. In his Twitter account, President Jair Bolsonaro, who is attending the World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland), has posted a message of support for Guaidó. In Davos, Bolsonaro reiterated the Brazilian collaboration to the newly declared government.

“Brazil will politically and economically support the transition process so that democracy and social peace return to Venezuela,” he said on the social network. The Brazilian Foreign Ministry also released a statement on Guaidó’s recognition.

In several cities of the country, acts against and in favor of President Nicolás Maduro take place. Guaidó, who is the president of the National Assembly, has declared himself interim president of Venezuela. “Today, January 23, 2019, in my capacity as president of the National Assembly, invoking the articles of the Bolivarian Constitution of the Republic of Venezuela, before God Almighty, I swear to formally assume the competencies of the National Executive as President in charge of Venezuela.”

Before the oath, Guaidó reiterated the promise of amnesty to the military that they leave Maduro and called for them to be “on the side of the people.” According to him, it is necessary to react to the “usurpation” of power by the President of the Republic, to establish the transitional government and free elections.

According to the Venezuelan Observatory of Social Collectivity (OVCS), clashes between protesters against the current government and police forces were recorded. A teenager, according to the organization, was shot.

In one of the pro-Maduro acts, Diosdado Cabello, former president of the Assembly, called for the defense of management. “We are going to make a call to the unity of the parties of the democratic pole, youth, students, women, to face any aggression against the people, they know that in the milestones of the Constitution they can not do what they are doing. ” He called on the supporters to stay awake in front of the Miraflores Palace.

International repercussion

The United States government manifested itself by recognizing Guaidó as president of Venezuela. The decision was reinforced by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in their Twitter accounts. The Secretary-General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, also recognized Guaidó and congratulated the deputy by the oath.

Understand the case

The situation in Venezuela has worsened after the election of Maduro to a new term, which is disputed by the international community. He took office on January 10 before the Supreme Court. For Brazil, the Lima Group, which gathers 14 countries, and the Organization of American States (OAS), the mandate is illegitimate and the National Constituent Assembly must assume power with the task of promoting new elections.

Guaidó was arrested and released. The National Assembly then declared “usurpation of the Presidency of the Republic” by Maduro.

Yesterday (22), the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) disclosed the validity of the decision taken in January 2017 questioning the actions of the National Assembly led by Guaidó. According to a statement published on the official website of the Court, by the decision “any action of the National Assembly and anybody or individual against the sentence will be null and void of legal validity and effectiveness.”