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IDB To Accelerate Financing For Privatizations In Brazil



The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will accelerate funding for privatization projects and public-private partnerships (PPP) in Brazil, bank president Luis Alberto Moreno said Wednesday after meeting with the economy minister, Paulo Guedes.

The IDB approved total financing of US $ 2 billion in 2018 for Brazil, much of it for the public sector. This year, only for the public sector, the expectation is to provide US $ 1.5 billion. Guedes asked the IDB to emphasize private sector financing for privatization projects through “BID Invest”, for example.

In an interview with Valor, Moreno said he is going to Brazil in February to deepen the discussions. He declared himself “enthusiastic” about the prospects that are opening up in Brazil with the reform projects. “Pension reform is the central test,” he noted. “If it is approved, Brazil will certainly attract much more investment.”