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International Media Negatively Reacts to Bolsonaro Speech from Davos

Press advisors and President's advisers will have hard work to change negative views



The reactions show to what extent the international media is unaware of what is happening in Brazil. The intoxication campaign promoted by the international left maintains a favorable image of the Workers’ Party administrations, ignoring that Lula and Dilma left the country poorer, sicker, with less economic activity, less employment, and less income.

A gigantic disinformation machine, articulated by the Workers’ Party and financed with billions of dollars stolen from public coffers, delivers misrepresented news about the country’s reality.

According to Le Monde Bolsonaro in Davos, he was unable to respond concretely to the issues of Klaus Schwab. “15 min of generalities,” said Sylvie Kauffmann, editorial director and columnist for Le Monde and a NY Times collaborator.

Bolsonaro did not come up to expectations. “A short, very general campaign speech then avoids giving concrete answers to Klaus Schwab’s questions. Definitely, no standing applause,” tweeted Kauffmann in English.

For Heather Long, of The Washington Post, the Brazilian’s speech was a “big failure. “Brazilian President Bolsonaro spoke for less than 15 minutes. Great failure. He had the whole world watching and his best line was to tell people to go on vacation in Brazil. Bolsonaro is classified as ‘South American’s Trump’, but he looked lukewarm.

The Reuters news agency stamped the headline: “Jair Bolsonaro from Brazil throws out the welcome mat for big companies and big investors in #Davos.”

The Financial Times, on the other hand, wrote, “Bolsonaro seeks to reassure the skeptics.”

The British newspaper The Guardian stamped: “Jair Bolsonaro alarms climate activists with pro-business speech.”