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Maduro Says He Does Not Surrender: ‘Let’s Go To The Fight’

The dictator also announced the end of diplomatic relations with the US and gave three days for the Americans to leave the country



Nicolas Maduro made a brief statement on Wednesday (23) on the self-proclamation of National Assembly President Juan Guaidó as acting president of Venezuela. He spoke from the balcony of the Miraflores Palace, where he also announced the breakup of diplomatic and political relations with the United States.

“We have denounced the US imperialist government, which runs an operation to impose a coup in Venezuela. He intends to elect and appoint the President of Venezuela through non-constitutional means. We are here by the vote of the people. Only people put it on and only people remove it, “Maduro said. “Nobody surrenders here, no one runs away. Here we go to cargo. Here we go to combat. And here we go to the victory of peace, of life, of democracy, “he added.

According to him, US diplomats have 72 hours to leave Venezuela.

The country’s defense minister, Gen. Vladimir Padrinho Lopez, also stated, in a tweet, the Army’s support for Nicolas Maduro. “The soldiers of the motherland do not accept a president imposed in the shadow of obscure interests or self-proclaimed outside the law. The Armed Forces defend our Constitution of national sovereignty,” he wrote.