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Mourao says Brazil will not participate in possible US intervention in Venezuela



Juan Guaido, leader of the opposition to Nicolas Maduro, declared himself interim president of Venezuela and was recognized by world leaders. Hours later, Maduro broke relations with the US.

The current president, Hamilton Mourao, said on Wednesday (23) that Brazil would not participate in an eventual intervention of the United States in Venezuela. According to Mourao, it is not part of Brazilian foreign policy to “intervene” in internal issues of other countries.

Mourao, who holds the presidency because of Jair Bolsonaro’s trip to Switzerland, gave the statement after the president of the Venezuelan National Assembly and opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself the interim president of the country and recognized by the governments of Brazil and the United States, among others.

In response, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro accused the United States of conducting an operation to impose a coup and announced the break of diplomatic and political relations with the country.

US President Donald Trump said in a statement that he would use “the full weight of US economic and diplomatic power to push for the restoration of Venezuelan democracy.”

According to the newspaper “O Globo”, the US said they consider “all options” if Maduro uses force in Venezuela.

Mourao was questioned by journalists about the “options” cited by the US, which would include intervention in Venezuela, and ruled out Brazil’s participation.

Mourao stressed that Bolsonaro and the presidents of other countries chose not to recognize Maduro’s government because of the “illegitimacy of the election” in Venezuela, marked by reports of fraud. Maduro took office for a second term, expected to stay until 2025.

The Brazilian government announced the decision through a note from the Foreign Ministry, which records that the country will “politically and economically support the process of transition for democracy and social peace to return to Venezuela.”

Mourao was asked about how this political and economic support would work. And said the political support was the position adopted by Bolsonaro, while financial support will be given “if necessary” to rebuild Venezuela.

The vice president also reported that Brazil currently maintains an “institutional” relationship with Venezuelan military personnel, through the ministries of defense of the two countries.

Mourao also assured that Brazil is “prepared” to deal with an eventual increase in the migratory flow of Venezuelans in Roraima. On the electricity supply to the state, made by Venezuela, the “contingency plan” is to use thermoelectric plants.