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OAS Decides to Remove Venezuela and Will Expel Maduro Representatives


According to sources, the entity recognized Juan Guaido as interim president and wants to ‘get an idea’ of which country ‘stays in the inter-American system’; in 2017, Maduro took Venezuela from the OAS as a ‘giant step to break with imperial interventionism’.

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) is due to cancel, on Thursday, the request for the withdrawal of Venezuela by Nicolás Maduro in April 2017, and to announce the withdrawal of all members of the Bolivarian government from the official entity.

Decisions must be announced at an extraordinary meeting of the Council, scheduled for 2 pm (Brasília time), after requests from representatives of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, United States and Peru.

In April 2017, President Maduro announced the immediate exit of Venezuela from the OAS after the organization convened a meeting to discuss the humanitarian situation of the country.

(The exit) is a giant step to break with imperial interventionism, argued the Socialist at the time. Unprecedented in OAS history, the process for a complete shutdown would be completed in April 2019, according to the rules of the organization.

An opposition leader and head of the National Assembly deprived by MaduroGuaidó has declared himself interim president of Venezuela with the support of at least 12 countries, including USA and Brazil, as well as the own secretary general of the OAS, Luis Almagro. Since then, Guaidó has been announcing members of the parallel government that settles in the country.

The second point envisaged by the Permanent Council will be to reiterate the previous decision that declared the government of Nicolás Maduro illegitimate and, consequently, to declare that the presence of the Venezuelan diplomatic representation that is there so far is also illegitimate and must be withdrawn, announced Tarre Briceno, who should take the place of the current Venezuelan representative in the organ, the ambassador Carmen Luisa Velásquez.

It was resolved that the government (Maduro) would not be legitimate, reiterated the Venezuelan. As a logical consequence, if it is not legitimate, its representatives in the OAS aren’t also legitimate.

On Wednesday, the head of the OAS congratulated and recognized Tarre Briceno‘s appointment to the post. The gesture was not isolated. Also on Wednesday, Almagro announced recognition to the Guaidó government, stating that he has our support to boost the country’s return to democracy.