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Presidents of Energy Associations Are Been Satisfied With First Meeting With Minister


In office three weeks ago, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, received on Wednesday (23) the presidents of more than 20 associations representing the electricity industry at once. The result was satisfactory: executives who attended the meeting told the agency that infra liked what they heard of the new minister.

Tariff consistent with the desires

The measures presented as priorities by Bento Albuquerque pleased for the industry: 1) structurally solve the problem of hydrological risk (GSF); 2) the renegotiation of the Itaipu energy agreement, which reflects throughout the energy planning in the coming years (Annex C); 3) completion of Angra 3; 4) modernization of the electric sector (from the CP 33 to serve as the base); 5) Revaluation of subsidies.

“The meeting was very objective. Two points drew attention: the readiness for dialogue and priorities very well defined and dates for achievement. If the focus is the solution of the whole, and not of the parties, it appears that we are right track, “said Edvaldo Santana, president of Embrace (Association of Large Industrial Consumers and Consumers Energy Free), which is in charge of the output to take over executive functions in Electra group.

Paulo Pedrosa, former executive secretary of Mines and Energy, which will replace Santana in Embrace from February 1, was also at the meeting yesterday at the MME, but did not speak.

To Elbia Gannoum, president of Abeeólica (Brazilian Wind Energy Association), the agenda presented by MME has been assembled based on industry desires, and so pleased.

“We left very satisfied of the meeting with the minister, who presented his competent team and opened a dialogue with the sector. The agenda presented touched on the main points as the GSF, and the modernization of the sector, for example. The minister also spoke of the opening of the market, and said that soon to publish a schedule of auctions, which is essential to give predictability to investors, “said Elbia.

“More market and less industry”

Reginaldo Medeiros, president of Abraceel (Brazilian Association of Electricity Traders) said the minister exceeded expectations.

“The agenda of the MME is in tune with the market, of which I am the spokesman. The minister has far surpassed expectations, the appreciation dialogue, holistic understanding of the challenge that lies ahead, and practical vision of solving complex problems. It was applauded warmly. More market and less industry. It seems that the government will finally come out of the consumer’s scruff. Brazil will thank O.”

In addition to the presidents of associations, and of Mines and Energy team with the ministers and secretaries attended the meeting the general director of ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency), André Pepitone; Chairman of the Board of Directors of CCEE (Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber), Rui Altieri; and the director general of the ONS (National Electric System Operator), Luiz Eduardo Barata.