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Encouraging Export By Young Entrepreneurs Is One of the Goals of the Federal District Administration


Less than a month in the government of the Capital of Brazil, Governor Ibanez handed to the ambassador Pedro Luiz Rodrigues the Foreign Affairs Office.

Secretary Rodrigues defends a mapping of the potential producer in Brasilia with an eye on the foreign market

According to Rodrigues, the Federal District occupies the 23rd place in the ranking of Brazilian exports. It accounts for only 0.1% of what is sold out of the country. Grains and frozen chicken are among the main products, according to the Foreign Trade Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy.

Keeping an eye on the growth of the industrial sector in Brasilia, the Federal Government wants to open the market for the installation of foreign industries. But he also wants to send to other countries what is done here.

Encouraging young producers, especially in technology services, is one of the focus of the district government. At the head of the International Relations Secretariat, Ambassador Pedro Rodrigues expects to raise Brasilia to 15th place in the export ranking in the next four years.

In an Agency Brasilia interview, Secretary Rodrigues said:

The Federal District has good conditions for to raise a substantial part of the growing foreign investments  after a few years with a certain decrease  to grow and expand, creating more business opportunities, jobs, and other activities.

Investments, signify not only the share of financial resources. This is what we call direct foreign investments and, in practice, they become factories, offices, hotel-building activities, shops … whatever they are, they generate more activities.

Where you have more activities is better than where you have less, especially when you look at the unemployment situation in Brazil  and that is very serious. Brazil needs to create 1.2 million jobs per year just to absorb the mass of young people who reach working age.

In the last five years, the data is regrettable. So, bringing investments, whether domestic or foreign, is positive. Jobs and opportunities are created for both young people who did not go to universities and those who are leaving them  and often without finding a job that will boost the country’s productivity. Invests in education to increase productivity. If you do not have a job, deep down it will fuel the decline and even emigration. Young people will look for opportunities outside when they could have them in here.

I think that our basic vocation, besides agriculture, is services such as IT, technology products, games … We are starting a contact program with embassies aimed at taking the young businessman or even student to make him more prepared for the reality of the international market.

There are many areas that can generate a rapid outcome, but people need to understand the mechanism. Bring the Sebrae to help with this by creating groups of similar products.

Sometimes one has a small company here, often even familiar, but one does not know the demand that it may have in the international market. There are products in Brasilia that well exploited and with knowledge of the market, mechanisms can transform small initiatives into larger enterprises that bring more return to the city and to those who produce them. Our goal is to work to climb from position 23rd, between federative exporter up until to around the position 15th, concluded the Secretary.