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Venezuela’s Juan Guaido Has Asked for Help From Brazil, Says Mourao


According to vice-president Mourao, the federal government is gathering the requests by the Venezuelans for President Jair Bolsonaro to define actions. The spokesman for the Palace of the Planalto informed that President Jair Bolsonaro has re-assumed the office of the presidency at 7 am today (30). According to the official agenda disclosed to the press, he will not receive authorities today, he will only have dispatches.

The president is recovering from surgery at Albert Einstein Hospital on Monday (28), which lasted seven hours and rebuilt his intestinal tracts. Bolsonaro was admitted to a special Intensive Care Unit (ICU), with the right to privacy and family presence.

Vice President Hamilton Mourao said on Wednesday that Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim president, Juan Guaido, had asked for humanitarian aid from Brazil, and said the country has been able to help the neighboring nation, which is undergoing a delicate political and economic crisis.

The vice president also said he was concerned about the detention of Chilean journalists in Caracas the day before. Today you know that there are a series of peaceful movements there in Venezuela, but last night two TVN Chilean journalists were arrested in the vicinity of the Miraflores Palace and so far they have not been released.

The crisis in Venezuela has worsened since Guaido declared himself acting president, which was recognized by the United States and most Latin American countries to press for the departure of President Nicolas Maduro.