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Bolsonaro Decides That Military Will Be Included in Pension Reform



The secretary of Social Security, Rogério Marinho, said last night that, by determination of President Jair Bolsonaro, all segments of society will be included in the pension reform and that the military will also “go into the process.” According to Marinho, governors from at least eight states have already gone to Brasilia to offer support to the reform and to expose the fiscal situation of their states.

– Public finances have deteriorated and there has also been a gradual deterioration of public services. Governors became payroll managers. President Bolsonaro wants a reform with social justice. It is important that this social protection network be preserved. Who has less, contributes less and who has more, contributes proportionately more. Our system is unjust and unsustainable, “he said.

Marinho reinforced for an audience of newly elected MPs and senators during an event of the CEP Institute Public Leadership, held in Brasilia, that the vast majority of the population retires with a little more than a minimum wage and asked the parliamentarians for support:

– There are people in Brazil who have gained privileges and have difficulty giving up these privileges. But the president (Jair Bolsonaro) has ruled that everyone has to contribute. All segments. No one will be left out. (The reform) Will take into account all segments of Brazilian society.

The secretary also said that the reform bill should be submitted to Congress by the end of February.

– The parliamentarian will feel comfortable voting on the bill that concerns all the states and municipalities of the Federation. The feeling that the governors have is that it is not possible to postpone the need to make a new pension in the country.