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Engineers Who Attested To Dam Safety Are Arrested

The two warrants were issued by the Justice of Minas Gerais and served in the city of Sao Paulo


Two engineers who would have attested to the safety of the dam that broke in Brumadinho (MG) were arrested on Tuesday morning (29) in the south of Sao Paulo.

The R7 had access to the exclusive document, classified as restricted, signed by the engineer Makoto NambaTüv Süd Bureau of Projects, and the engineer of Vale César Augusto Paulino Granchamp.

The warrants were issued by the State Court of Minas Gerais and enforced by MP-SP (Public Prosecutor’s Office of Sao Paulo) and by the Civil Police of São Paulo.

In addition to the two engineers, three Vale employees in Minas Gerais were also arrested, directly involved and responsible for the mining project and its licensing. Prisons are temporary and have a term of 30 days.

The Justice fulfills seven warrants of search and seizure in company headquarters and residences of people involved.

Authorities are investigating whether documents produced by companies hired by Vale to certify the safety of the dam may have been rigged.

The Public Ministry of Minas Gerais states that five people were arrested: Makoto Namba and André Yum Yasuda were arrested in São Paulo, while Rodrigo Artur Gomes de Melo, Ricardo de Oliveira, and Cesar Augusto Granchamp were arrested in Minas Gerais. The R7 attempts to contact the defense cited.

In a statement, Vale says it is collaborating with the authorities.

Regarding the warrants fulfilled this morning, Vale reports that it is collaborating fully with the authorities. Vale will continue to contribute to the investigation of the facts, together with the unconditional support to the affected families.

Sought, German consultancy Tüv Süd maintained the previous position and did not comment on the prisons today.

Tüv Süd Brazil deeply regrets the rupture of Dam I of the Corrego do Feijao Mine in BrumadinhoMinas Gerais.

Tüv Süd Brazil made two assessments of the dam at Vale’s request: a periodic review of dam safety (June 2018) and a regular inspection of dam safety (September 2018).

Due to ongoing investigations, Tüv Süd Brasil will not comment at this time and provides all the information requested by the authorities. 

The rupture of the dam I of the Corrego do Feijao mine left at least 65 dead so far. In addition, authorities are still searching for 279 missing.