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For Trump Sending Troops to Venezuela Is an Option



According to the American president, Nicolas Maduro called for a meeting, but he denied it.

US President Donald Trump said sending troops to Venezuela is a possibility for the US government.

“It’s certainly an option,” Trump said in an interview with CBS. “Well, he [Maduro] asked for a meeting and I refused because we are too far in the process.”

On January 23, President of the National Assembly and opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, declared himself interim president of the country and was recognized by the governments of the United States, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, and Argentina.

The United States will recognize it ipso facto, followed by Canada and the other American powers, with the exception of Mexico and Uruguay. They want Maduro to step down and the interim government to convene elections. The Trump Administration warns that, otherwise, all options, including military intervention, are on the table.

After the episode, a political crisis intensified in Venezuela, which also divided the countries of the world between Maduro or in favor of Guaidó.

The opposition leader announced a new mobilization for the next day in his offensive against President Nicolas Maduro, in front of a demonstration in Caracas.

Although Vice-President Mourão said that Brazil would not be involved in an armed conflict in Latin America, in the event of an invasion by the United States in Venezuela, Brazil would not be able to remain neutral. That’s what sources connected to the sector think.