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Bolsonaro to Meet With Trump in March at White House



John Bolton, National Security adviser, said they both talked about “logistics” to offer humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan people

President Jair Bolsonaro will meet with his United States counterpart, Donald Trump, in the White House in mid-March, Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo said on Tuesday.

In a press interview, Araujo said that Bolsonaro’s visit to the United States was one of the topics that focused his meeting in Washington with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“In mid-March, we are still determining the date,” said Araujo, who explained that during his visit, Bolsonaro will address as many economic issues as issues related to security and diplomacy in Latin America.

The Venezuelan crisis was the other issue that centered on the Araujo and Pompeo meeting, as well as the meeting the Brazilian foreign minister had with White House National Security adviser John Bolton.

In a message on Twitter, Bolton said that both spoke about the “logistics” to offer humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan people, as well as their “mutual support” to the leader of the parliament, Juan Guaidó, who declared himself president of Venezuela and won the recognition, among others, of the USA and Brazil.

The United States has already begun sending aid packages with food and medicine to the Venezuelan people, a White House spokesman told Efe on Saturday .

Earlier this week, Guaidó announced that a “national and international coalition” of humanitarian assistance to Venezuela had been formed with food and food storage points in Colombia and Brazil, as well as on an unspecified Caribbean island.

The entry of humanitarian aid through a humanitarian corridor could require the presence of troops, whether American or from some other Latin American country.

The Lima Group, made up of Brazil and Colombia, decided on Monday not to consider the military option to force Nicolás Maduro to leave office, who took office on January 10 after disputed elections by the international community.