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Judge Sentences Lula to 12 Years and 11 Months in Prison in New Case for Corruption



The man, who the international media honors as a great politician, has already added more than 25 years in jail for corruption and there are still 7 cases left.

Former President Lula da Silva was sentenced to 12 years and 11 months for passive corruption and money laundering in a new case for undue advantage. The decision of the federal judge Gabriela Hardt left on the afternoon of Wednesday, Feb. 6th.

The court understood that Lula da Silva received R $ 1 million in tips related to the reform of the country house, which is in the name of Fernando Bittar. The work would have been funded by Odebrecht and OAS, with money diverted from Petrobras agreements.

The judge stated in the sentence that it was “widely proven” in the case that Lula’s family was a frequent visitor to the site and enjoyed it as if she were the owner, using it more than the formal owner, Fernando Bittar. For her, it does not matter if the former president owns the property.

“Therefore, being the owner or not of the property, it is incontrovertible fact that reforms were made and objects purchased to serve the interests of Lula da Silva and his family.With some of these reforms, especially because of the significant amounts spent on them , and the companies that carried them out, was charged to the former president crimes of corruption and money laundering, “she said.

Lula has been incarcerated since April 7, 2018, after being sentenced in court to 12 years and a month in prison for the crimes of money laundering and passive corruption in the case of the triplet in Guarujá. The former president is in the prison of the PF (Federal Police, in Curitiba).

Car Wash says that the site underwent three reforms: one under the command of cattle rancher Jose Carlos Bumlai, in the amount of R $ 150,000, another of Odebrecht, R $ 700,000, and a third remodeling in the kitchen by OAS of R $ 170 thousand, in a total of R $ 1.02 million.

In interrogation, Bumlai declared that he had not paid “not a real one” in the works. The site of Atibaia is in the name of the businessman Fernando Bittar, son of Jacó Bittar, a longtime friend of the former president.

In testimony, Fernando Bittar denied that he had paid the work. “I can not tell if they (Lula and Marisa) paid for it, but in my head …”

Pointed by supporters as the trusted man of the former president who touched the site’s work, former security chief Lula Rogério Aurélio Pimentel claimed to have been the “foreman” of the reforms at the property and confirmed Odebrecht’s payments.

In final arguments, the defense of the former presidential aide said that if he “did not even know the amounts that were contained in the envelopes, he could not be expected to know of possible illicit origin of the values.”

Other processes

Lula is also guilty of five other criminal actions arising from the Car Wash and Zelotes operations in Curitiba, Brasília and São Paulo.

One of the processes is already in its final stages. The former president is accused of receiving a bribe of R $ 12.4 million from Odebrecht through a plot for the Lula Institute and an apartment in São Bernardo do Campo (SP).