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Bolsonaro Has Pneumonia But Remains in the Semi-intensive Unit


President Jair Bolsonaro had a fever of about 38 degrees Celsius late yesterday, Feb. 6th, and the imaging study showed a picture of pneumonia, according to a medical report released this afternoon by the Israeli Hospital Albert Einstein. The president remains hospitalized in the semi-intensive unit.

Soon after the spokesman of the Presidency, Otavio do Rego Barros, has informed the health of the president, Bolsonaro went to Twitter to say he was fine. We are very calm, well and we are firm, said the president, closing the text with a positive signal.

After the isolated episode of fever without other associated symptoms, Bolsonaro underwent tomography of the chest and abdomen that showed good evolution of the intestinal picture and image compatible with pneumonia, according to the bulletin.

Tests were performed to identify bacteria or viruses. They did the tests both viral and bacterial and discarded the virus. So it’s a bacterial issue, said the spokesman.

The medical team increased treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics by adding a new medication. The doctors thought it would be good to add to antibiotic therapy a new component, a new drug so that the spectrum could be even larger, said Barros.

Antibiotic treatment began on the evening of last Sunday, Feb. 3rd, after raising the temperature and increasing leukocytes in laboratory tests at the time, which could indicate an infectious process.

Bolsonaro continues pain-free, with a nasogastric tube and drain in the abdomen for fluid withdrawal, and continues receiving oral water in association with parenteral nutrition.

Today he performed breathing exercises and walked in the hallway. According to the spokesman, Bolsonaro is having difficulty sleeping, the medical team evaluates possibility to help him to sleep a little more.

By medical order, the visits remain restricted. The Minister of Justice and Public Security, Sergio Moro, was in the city of Sao Paulo today but did not visit the president due to the restriction. Bolsonaro spoke on the phone today with Environment Minister Ricardo Salles on pulp issues. He should talk, even today, with the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, according to Barros.

Regarding pension reform, the spokesman said that the president will analyze all lines of action and decide, along with the Economy Minister, the parameters of the proposal that will be sent to Congress.