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Poultry Agribusiness Seek to Expand Business With the Arab Market in Action in Dubai



ABPA takes 16 chicken meat exporters to Gulfood 2019

The Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), in partnership with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion (Apex-Brazil), take chicken meat exporters and eggs for a great action business that will take place between 17 and 21 February, during the Gulfood Dubai 2019.

In all, sixteen agribusinesses confirmed their participation, they being the Agroaraçá, Aurora, Avenorte, Bello Alimentos, BRF, Copacol, Frango Pioneiro, Frango Pioneiro, GTFoods, Integra, Jaguafrangos, Casa, Food Netto, San Salvador Food, Uniaves e Vibra.

Hundreds of business meetings are planned by the companies during the action, especially with importers and potential Middle East customers, Asia and Eastern Europe.

In addition to business, participation in Gulfood has another goal: to strengthen the image of Brazil as a partner of the Arab countries for the food supply assurance. With this focus, ABPA will participate in meetings with stakeholders from the Arab market, and distribute informational materials for the public of the event with information on products and Brazilian companies.

The quality and taste, different attributes of the Brazilian product in the international market, will also be highlighted by the ABPA in Dubai action. For this, a large share of the tasting will be held in the pavilion of Brazilian proteins at the fair, with chicken meat service and eggs produced in Brazil. Omelets and Shawarma – Arabic typical dish – will be served to visitors.

“We have good expectations about the performance of exports to the Middle East this year, especially after the implementation of the new ABPA office in Dubai, which should take place soon. Exactly why, the association will employ extra efforts with the Arab markets in the coming weeks, such as the action in the Gulfood, “explains Turra.

The Brazilian poultry industry is the largest producer and exporter of halal chicken meat in the world, with 1.438 million tons shipped in 2018. The largest absolute of these shipments go to the Middle East.