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Francisco Turra ABPA CEO Is a Lecturer in Ideas Brazil Seminar

The event will bring together entrepreneurs, government leaders, and opinion makers


Former Agriculture Minister Francisco Turra, president of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), will address the challenges and outlook for Brazilian agribusiness in the ideas of Brazil Seminar  Opening of the Year 2019 tomorrow (13/02) in Brasilia.

Turra participate in the panel How to Modernize the Brazilian government and the Brazilian Economy Open to the International Competition. At the time, he will talk about the current challenges of international trade in Brazil proteins, highlighting the challenges the country will have to overcome to maintain its competitiveness as a global exporter.

The panel also confirmed the presence of the Environment Minister, Ricardo Salles, the Secretary of the Special Secretariat of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Mark Troyjo, the CEO of Cosan, Mark Lutz. The correspondent of the Financial Times Brazil, Andres Schipani, will be the mediator.

We want to discuss the future of Brazilian agriculture and raise possibilities and solutions to the challenges in the international market and promote the country’s role as a global food producer, says Turra.