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Vice President Mourao Says PSL Should Explain “Stooge” in Political Campaigns

Vice-president Hamilton Mourao


A member of the PRTB, Vice President of the Republic Hamilton Mourao stated that the PSL should explain the use of stooge in electoral campaigns. He said, literally, The Party is the one who must explain itself.

On leaving the Planalto Palace on Tuesday night, Mourao said he did not know if Bolsonaro asked the PSL about the suspicions.

The Attorney General of Minas Gerais will investigate the case of Marcelo Alvaro Antonio (PSL), minister of tourism involved with four stooge candidates in the state.

The Folha de S. Paulo newspaper reports that the group of the current president of the PSL, Luciano Bivar (PE), recently elected second vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, created an stooge candidate in Pernambuco who received from the R $ 400 thousand of public money in the 2018 election.

Maria de Lourdes Paixao, 68, who officially ran for the federal deputy and had only 274 votes, was the third largest beneficiary of PSL funding in the whole country, more than President Bolsonaro himself and Congresswoman Joice Hasselmann (SP). elected with 1,079 million votes. 

He adds: PSL party fund money was sent by the national leadership of the acronym to the candidate’s account on October 3, four days before the election.

At the time, the current minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Gustavo Bebianno, was acting interim president and coordinator of Jair Bolsonaro‘s (PSL) campaign, focusing on ethics discourse and anti-corruption.